Forum list

I made this site to list forums, since there was none.

Forum Topic/About Year
Something awful forums Drawing, talk 1999
Raddle Antifa, ACAB, anarchist tranny forum N/A
Ramble(clearnet) (onion) (i2p) R*ddit like forum with subforum creation, offers many alternate networks entries 2021?
4chan(nsfw) (sfw) Anonymous futaba like chan, most famous one amongst chans 2003
Stormfront White nationalist forum 1996
Mobilism iOS/Android cracked programs 2006
Altruistic World Online Library Big archive of books/documents 2019
Encode's forum Data compression talk forum N/A
Unexplained-mysteries Paranormal news and discussion 2001
Above top secret Conspiracy forum 1999
Kiwifarms (onion) Forum that's obsessed with literal who's on internetz 2013
ED Forums Chit chat about ED wiki 2010?
Niggermania Nigger hate forum 2006 Kiwifarms cousin 2021
RPG Codex Game talk 2015?
My Digital Life OS, Windows, Linux, Android discussion N/A
Snahp Closed forum for sharing DDL 2019?
Agora Road Old internet shitposting 20??
Candid forum For creepshots 20??
Windows 7 help forums Windows 7 support desk 20??
Neanderthal World Cavemen rambling forum 20??
ViperGirls Pron sharing 20??